When to use iQual?

Usage iQual

iQual is useful if you need:


  • Etnography: explore consumersĀ“ daily routines at home and on-the-go
  • Information and decision processes
  • Brand experience / touchpoints


  • Almost any type of visual stimuli you can upload
  • POS: stores/ websites
  • Campaign launches
  • Promotional activities / events

Creating and generating

  • Generate ideas
  • Iterative concept development
  • Find and enrich narratives for new topics

Each online qualitative research should meet its purpose. Therefore, right at the beginning, it should be understood that an online qualitative research cannot be used to solve every type of problems.

iQual is suitable to deal with various personal or sensitive topics, and also when you need to get a wide geographic representation, or when the concerned target group is highly specialized (e.g. physicians-specialists).