Why to opt for iQual?

Main advantages iQual

Each research has its advantages as well as its limits and reserves. Nevertheless, why should you opt exactly for iQual?

It overcomes geographical boundaries

  • Participants from different locations can participate at the same time.
  • No restrictions because of geography, available facilities, time or travel.

It is longitudinal

  • Usually last 3-7 days and include 15-30 participants.
  • But it can also last several months or years with 50-500 participants.

It is creative

  • Upload photos or videos.
  • Draw on inspiration from the wider web.
  • Upload pictures where they are or how they feel about certain topics.
  • Upload their own collages to illustrate thoughts quickly and easily.

It is flexible

  • Participants log in and post responses at times that are convenient to them (24/7).

It is authentic

  • Participants can express anonymously in the safety of their home.
  • They tend to be honest, less self-controlled.
  • Therefore it is suitable also for sensitive topics.

It is up to date

  • Participants can discuss about the product in the real time, when they are using it or immediately after purchase.
  • Elimination of the risk of biased retrospective.

It is deep

  • Participants have time to think about what they want to say, resulting in very rich, detailed responses.

Involvement the client

  • Client has the opportunity to follow the discussions and ask additional questions through moderator.