The most frequently types of researches conducted via iQual

Types of researches

Based on our experience, we can say that clients are interested particularly in the following three types of online qualitative research conducted by means of the iQual platform

Discussion forum

It is a several-day dialogue in which 10-15 participants take part. The respondents write their contributions at the time that is most suitable to them.

The moderator manages the sequence of individual contributions, adds certain stimuli and gradually opens other discussion topics. The respondents may mutually comment on their contributions and respond to each other.

Individual interview

It is a form of research to make an in-depth analysis of attitudes and experience. In a way, it is a probe into consumer´s mind. The moderator conducts the interview only with one respondent at a time. No communication among respondents takes place.

The respondent is in his/her home environment, which gives him/her a stronger feeling of anonymity and safety. Therefore, individual interviews are especially suitable with regard to sensitive topics.


In creating blogs, as many as 15-20 respondents can participate at a time, blogging in a long term. The respondents create individual blogs in which they record, in detail, their experience with a product or a service in real time (for example, the whole decision-making process when a vehicle is to be bought, or when a loan is to be taken from a bank).

The blogs include also visual records of experience that are placed by means of videos and pictures into the blog by the respondents themselves.