iQual - online discussion forum

Online research

Internet has been gradually integrated into our lives, and has become a natural environment for us to express our own opinion and life attitudes.

Active internet users use internet particularly for the following

  • Searching for and getting information
  • Email communication
  • Chatting
  • Using discussion forums, community portals, blogs or social networks.

Internet is, little by little, becoming the most used method of getting data for marketing research.

The reasons are clear. It offers the fastest, simplest and often cheapest access to the opinions of consumers, when compared to other traditional methods.

At the same time, it allows to investigate issues in depth, doing this in a style that is already quite natural to people of our day.

In recent years clients are interested not only in online quantitative research, but mainly in online qualitative research.

Online qualitative research is innovative method which is based on discussion with respondents. However, this is not in real but in virtual space.

iQual is closed discussion platform for online qualitative research.

Respondents could participate to various interactive discussions and researches.