What is iQual ?

iQual is unique online discussion platform which allows to get a quick point of view from a group of savvy, connected and future oriented people.

Qualitative discussion platform

iQual is qualitative online discussion platform, an inovation from Kantar Slovakia. iQual is a flexible way to lead discussion on various topics. It is relatively new Kantar tool. We launched it in October 2014.

Moderator – Client – User

There are three user roles: moderator (admin), client and users. You watch project as well as actual discussion by logging into the account. Password is generated and send to the user by adding user into project.

Interactive discussion

iQual is internet-based venue where participants gather and engage in interactive discussions led by experienced moderators. Our qualitative experts combine skillful moderation and insightful analysis to answer your questions in a simple, yet powerful way.


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